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2.1 General Provisions

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2.2 Specific provisions applicable to Downloadable Content

This Site makes available to you specific promotional materials including without limitation promotional visuals and advertising films (“Downloadable Content”).

The reproduction of the Downloadable Content is only authorized for the exclusive purposes of enabling the promotion and commercialization of LVMH FRAGRANCE BRANDS products through its authorized retail and promotion channels.

Please be aware that the Downloadable Content available on this Site is protected by the intellectual property laws, in particular by image/copyright/authorship rights, whose LVMH FRAGRANCE BRANDS is the assignee. Such copyright assignments to the benefit of LVMH FRAGRANCE BRANDS may be limited in time and/or to specific media.

For each use of any specific Downloadable Content, please make sure that the contemplated use complies with the scope of rights negotiated by LVMH FRAGRANCE BRANDS and respect the authorized period of use mentioned next to the document.

The case may be, thank you to follow the license extension procedure.



In the first place, we would like to remind you that use of the Site implies that you have available the necessary hardware and software resources for use of the Internet.

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a. General obligations of the User

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b. Specific stipulations for Downloadable Content

We may make available on this Site content that you are authorized to download ("Downloadable Content"). In downloading or using such Downloadable Content, you are deemed to have agreed to use it in conformity with these Terms of Use.

We grant you, for your personal and private use only, royalty free and for the legal term of copyright protection, a non-exclusive, non-transferable, right to use the Downloadable Content. Any reproduction, representation, modification or distribution of the Downloadable Content must be the subject of prior express authorization on our part. Any request for this type of authorization should be submitted to us in advance at the following address:


All information and data available on this website are confidential by nature (the « Confidential Information ») until the first commercialization of the Products by LVMH FRAGRANCE BRANDS or its authorized retailers and /or the date of first diffusion of the corresponding advertising campaign (the “Launch Date”).

This Confidential Information relates to the products of LVMH FRAGRANCE BRANDS (the “Products”) and the corresponding communication, including without limitation: visuals, commercials, name of Products, appearance of the Products, photographs of Products. This Confidential Information is meant to enable the user to make the promotion and commercialization of LVMH FRAGRANCE BRANDS Products in its authorized jurisdiction.

Nevertheless, the mere fact of being authorized to download this Confidential Information does not mean that the user is authorized to broadcast or disseminate publicly within the frame of its professional activity.

Therefore, the website user understands, acknowledges and agrees on the confidentiality of the Confidential Information and undertakes not to divulge to the public the Confidential Information before the Launch Date. For each element made available. FOR EASE OF REFERENCE, PLEASE CONSIDER THAT THE DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT SHALL NEVER BE USED PRIOR AND/OR AFTER THE AUTHORIZED PERIOD OF USE MENTIONED NEXT TO THE DOCUMENT DOWNLOADED.


Any unauthorized disclosure of Confidential Information before the Launch Date could cause a serious harm to LVMH FRAGRANCE BRANDS, who will be well grounded to sue the defaulting user and seek for damages. Besides, in case of unauthorized disclosure of Confidential Information, LVMH FRAGRANCE BRANDS may at its sole discretion close the user account and its access to the Multimedia Library.



a. General provisions

We try to provide you with accurate and up to date information. Nevertheless, transmissions of data and information over the Internet not benefiting from absolute technical reliability, we cannot guaranty the accuracy of all of the data that is included on this Site.

Furthermore, we would like to stress that inaccuracy and omissions may appear in the information available on this Site in particular through intrusion by third parties. Please inform us about any error or omission at the following e-mail address:

b. Hypertext links

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c. Cookies

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c.1. What is the purpose of cookies delivered on our site?

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Only the issuer of a cookie is likely to read or change information contained therein.

c.2. Your choices with respect to cookies

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You can configure your browser so that cookies are stored on your device or on the contrary, they are rejected, either systematically or by the issuer. You can also configure your browser so that the acceptance or rejection of cookies will be proposed from time to time, before a cookie is likely to be stored in your device. For more information, see "How to exercise your choice, depending on which browser you use ?".

(A) The Agreement on Cookies

The storing of a cookie in a device is essentially subordinate to the will of the terminal’s user that it can express and modify at any time and free of charge through the choices that are offered by the browser.

If you accepted in your browser the storing of cookies, cookies integrated into pages and content of website that you have visited will be temporarily stored in a dedicated space of your device. They will be readable only by the issuer.

(B) The refusal of Cookies

If you refuse the storing of cookies in your device, or if you remove those that are registered, you can not benefit from a number of features that are necessary to the navigation in some areas of our Site. This would be the case if you were trying to access our content or services that require your login. That is also the case when we - or our service provider - could not recognize, for the purpose of technical compatibility, the browser you use, its language and display settings or the country from which you are connected to Internet.

In that case, we disclaim any responsibility for the consequences of the degraded operation of our services due to the impossibility for us to record or read the cookies necessary to their proper functioning.

(C) How to exercise your choice, depending on which browser you use?

For managing cookies and your choices, the configuration of each browser is different. Configuration is described in the help menu of your browser.

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We may come to collect personal data which relates to you, in particular when you: (i) register for a service; (ii) download Downloadable Content; (iii) register for LaBeautyBox; (iv) send us an email. This personal data will be the subject of automatic processing and may be used in several different ways:

· Statistical studies: we compile and study your personal data in order to define your profile and better adapt our services to your expectations. These statistical studies are strictly confidential;

· Monitoring of the customer relationship: if you send us a message, the data is kept and used to send a response to your request and to ensure its monitoring;

· Provision of services: sending of newsletters, access to certain counseling spaces, etc.

· Managing subscriptions to LaBeautyBox (subscribe/unsubscribe procedures),

· Managing authorizations in connection with intellectual property rights relating to the documents available in LaBeautyBox

· Dealing with statistics relating to the documents available in LaBeautyBox.

· Sending information about the company and its activities

In conformity with the provisions of data privacy laws, you have a right to disclosure, correction, addition and deletion for the data that relates to you. To exercise this right, it suffices to send us an e-mail with proof of your identity to the following address:



We may come to modify the content and information included on this Site as well to amend these Terms of Use, including, but not limited to, in order to comply with applicable new legislation and/or regulations and/or to improve the Site. Any modification and/or amendment shall be integrated into these Terms of Use.



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